At Zenlabs, we’re leveraging years of innovative genetic lab work and traditional nursery operations to provide healthier, more vigorous cannabis plants. With over 60 years of experience in young plant propagation and nursery operations, we understand the challenges farmers, cultivators, and investors face. Getting the most out of your plants is made easier by knowing everything about the plants you begin with. A better start, starts here.

Professionally and responsibly grown

Zenlabs is committed to professionalizing the supply chain through clean and responsible propagation of verified genetics that will maximize the specific cannabinoids that growers and manufacturers are looking for.

We strive to use best practices in the sourcing, cleaning, and propagation of all cultivars that we sell. With the ability to supply liners in a variety of medias and sizes, it is important that we learn as much about your operation as possible. It is in this shared operational knowledge that we can work together moving forward to grow the best varieties for each specific climate and technique.


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A supplier you can depend on

With over 60 years of experience in young plant propagation and nursery operations, we can deliver on time and on scale. With dedicated greenhouses for mother stock and rooting we are able to meet orders of 5,000 to 500,000. And with multiple varieties to choose from and verified COA's, we can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

By providing clean, uniform and identical young plants, we’re offering a more consistent baseline – because when you have control over what is going in with very little variances, you can be more confident in what will come out.


Consistency through quality young plants.


Genetic Banking

For our customers who insist on growing only what they have grown. We offer genetic locking of your specific varieties so that when you place an order, we can ship your specific plants back to you. Genetic banking is piece of mind.


Pathogen Elimination

Through a proprietary process, we have developed measures to eliminate harmful pathogens. We are working to build an index of pathogens and  treatments for elimination. A clean start is an important part of any grow.


Liners and stock plants

We can provide URC's, rooted, teens and stock plants – on scale & on time. With experience in young plant production of over 50,000,000 annually, we aim to use that same knowledge to help the hemp industry.

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