Rooted cuttings, teens and mother stock

Depending on the specific need we are able to provide rooted liners in a variety of medias and sizes. From 1" 72 cell trays to 5 gallon potted mother stock. We can provide it all.

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Un-Rooted Cuttings

We offer un-rooted cuttings on scale and on time. Using the best practices and all organic process, our cuttings are your best choice for a successful grow.

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Genetic Banking and Pathogen Elimination

We offer the ability to clean up and bank your specific varieties so that when next season comes you can get exactly what you want.

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 Here is what we provide

  • We sell clones in trays of 50 -72 cell
  • You can either pick up locally or have them delivered
  • Order minimum is 1500 clones
  • We can fill orders of 250,000 +
  • COA's provided

Here is what you need to know

  • Plants per acre: 1300-2000 depending on variety and row spacing
  • Clones are more reliable and stable than seeds
  • Planting clones ensures less variances in outcome of cannabinoids
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